Safe Practices

Fraud is on the rise in various areas ranging from debit card fraud to ATM fraud. People’s Bank of Seneca would like to help you mitigate those risks by providing some simple tips and safe practices. Please review the various documents and contact us with any questions.


March Newsletter

The world today is full of cybercriminals launching both phishing emails and the tried and true phone scams that never fell out of fashion. Protecting not only your finances, but also your data from these scams is more important now than ever.

 March Cyber Tip Newsletter


September Newsletter

Every day as we use our devices, browse the Internet, and open emails, we are also exposing those devices to potential malware (malicious software). Click below to open a newsletter to learn more.

 September Cyber Tip Newsletter


June Newsletter

The Federal Trade Commission’s definition of phishing is “when a scammer uses fraudulent emails or texts, or copycat websites, to get you to share valuable personal information.”  It is very important that everyone learn to spot these fraudulent messages to minimize these threats. Click below to open a newsletter to learn more. 

June Cyber Tip Newsletter



Personal information may be valuable to your business, but it’s also something your customers value.  Take a moment to review the newsletter Privacy is Good for Business for some tips to safeguard data and create trust within your organization.


Protect Your Brand Online

Protect Your Brand Online