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People's Bank of Seneca was established in 1996, with its first branch in Seneca, Missouri. Since then, it has expanded with multiple branch locations in Seneca, Joplin, and the newest branch in Neosho. People’s Bank of Seneca is bringing our trusted hometown banking experience to more people than ever. Deposits at each People’s Bank of Seneca location are insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. 

At People’s Bank of Seneca, it really is all about the client. When it comes to purchasing a new home, the goal is to make the process as smooth and stress-free as possible. When it comes to business, watching our clients transform their small start-ups into thriving enterprises is one of the most satisfying parts of what we do. People’s Bank of Seneca is invested in the client and their success. We don’t want your business for one transaction; we want your business for a lifetime.

“Like any form of supporting local businesses, banking locally is a great way to put money and support back into your community.” And just as many support us, People's Bank of Seneca backs our community. Our many contributions through sponsorships include: The Spiva Center for the Arts new Harry M. Cornell Complex, the Tom Hodge Field at the Earl Campbell Stadium in Seneca, Missouri Southern State University, and local High School School programs. 

Volunteering is also an essential part of our gratitude ranging from delivering treats to area precincts on Police Appreciation Day to volunteer work and donations for many area schools in Joplin, Seneca, and Neosho. We have also worked hard each year to sponsor and support Seneca High School Athletics, Missouri Southern State University Athletics, Joplin Bright Futures, and Joplin Boys and Girls Club.

What really sets People’s Bank of Seneca apart is that we are in the business to protect and guide our clients to be as successful and happy as possible. 



People’s Bank of Seneca opened its first Neosho location in January 2023

Neosho, Missouri; January 31, 2023, People’s Bank of Seneca is serving customers in Neosho, Missouri at a new branch located at 2401 Lusk Drive in Neosho.

The new branch opened for business on January 4, 2023.

It is the sixth People’s Bank of Seneca location and first in Neosho. The bank currently serves customers in Seneca, Loma Linda, and Joplin.

The decision to expand its footprint to Neosho came as the result of numerous customer requests.

“For some time, customers have been asking us to open a bank in Neosho,” said Deron Burr, President/CEO. “We have listened and plan to continue investing in communities where our customers live and work.”

Burr pointed to the completion of the highway bypass to Northwest Arkansas that has helped make Neosho a hub for growth and commerce in the Four State area.

“We are excited to have a role in the vibrant, growing community of Neosho,” Burr said. “It’s been a pleasure partnering with the City of Neosho and the Neosho Area Chamber of Commerce to establish a presence here.”

People’s Bank of Seneca’s flagship location opened in March of 1996 in Seneca and is located at 1615 Cherokee Ave. The bank added a branch in Loma Linda in 2012, before adding three locations in Joplin: a branch on 20th Street (2017), a branch on Maiden Lane (2018), and a mortgage office on 32nd Street (2018).


Federal Home Loan Bank System’s 90th Anniversary
September 1, 2022, By Pringnitz, Amber, FHLBDM

2022 marks the Federal Home Loan Bank System’s 90th Anniversary. People’s Bank of Seneca congratulates FHLB Des Moines on reaching this milestone and are proud to celebrate our partnership with you. A partnership that is felt by nearly every corner of every community we serve, from families to businesses to the school districts.

A recent example of the impact of that partnership is the installation of a turf field at Seneca High School. As with many small, Missouri towns, the high school is a bit like a town square. It’s a place to gather and celebrate and connect. Those experiences become memories which unite a community. Our football coach recognized the need for a turf field so his team would have both a place to practice and a place to play, but fields are expensive and budgets are tight. People’s Bank of Seneca found a creative solution to the dilemma and made a loan to Seneca R7 Foundation for the cost of field. We charged 1% on the loan and in one week, the foundation had raised enough funds to pay back the loan. The Seneca Indians football team kicked off their season with a new field because the entire town wanted to be part of the project. I was humbled, excited, proud, for the community I loved and lived in. That’s what community banks do. We show up. We get things started. We are committed. Perhaps the biggest strength of People’s Bank of Seneca is having the unique ability of recognizing and meeting the needs of our customers.

We are able to be there for our customers because we have partners like FHLB Des Moines. Let me explain why - when I first started working at People’s Bank of Seneca about 17 years ago, we were a small bank in a small town and were only able to offer homebuyers in-house mortgages with balloons. When we began participating in the FHLB Des Moines Mortgage Partnership Finance® Program, we gained instant credibility in the marketplace. In a world where banks offer similar rates and similar mortgage loan programs, it’s critical to have a differentiator when talking to realtors and customers. The MPF® Program became our differentiator by offering a streamlined process that allows us to retain control over the underwriting, closing and funding processes. We can close more loans than we could when we kept the mortgages on our books, but still have the ability to retain service going forward. Our customers interact with one person from start to finish and we still go to every closing.

The MPF Program was a catalyst for growth and we are now at $375 million in assets with five locations. The size of the bank gives us the opportunities to do things we couldn’t have done 17 years ago. A percentage of our profits are delivered back to local sponsorships and the school.

The installation of the turf on the field isn’t the end of the story. Since then, our band has had a place to practice outside, our junior high student athletes have had a place to practice, and we have been able to host youth sports camp for the surrounding communities; just to name a few additional community benefits. Most memorable to me, though, was our football team had a fantastic season and made it to the state quarter-finals. The game was in a town over two hours away.  There isn’t a lot of wealth in Seneca and between the drive over and ticket fees, the game was out of reach for a lot of students and families.  Experiences become memories which unite a community. . .  People’s Bank of Seneca wanted to create an experience. We booked busses, we secured tickets and we ordered lots of snacks. On the night of the game, bus after bus after bus pulled into the opposing team’s stadium. We had more fans than the home team and the Indians football team pulled off a huge upset. Our fans rushed the field. It was a moment people are still talking about. A moment of unity.

It may not be obvious, but FHLB Des Moines played a huge role in that story. Using the MPF Program and other FHLB Des Moines liquidity products, we have been able to grow to the point where we can strengthen our communities and invest in the success of our families, businesses and school districts. Keeping with the football theme, I am an FHLB Des Moines cheerleader. I recognize we would not be the same bank without our partnership with them. I may not pick up the pom poms on Friday night but I will continue to count on the FHLB Des Moines to be there for us so we can be there for our communities.