My Mobile Money App (Alerts)

My Mobile Money (MMM) is an app that allows you to control when and how your debit card is used.

Here are some of the benefits and options available to you all from within the MMM app:

  • Set alerts for transactions based on location.
  • Set alerts for transactions based on merchant or transaction type.
  • Set alerts for transactions exceeding a defined threshold amount.
  • Receive notification of possible fraudulent transactions and take action.
  • Turn your card on or off at any time.

Debit Card fraud is becoming more and more problematic for many consumers, so what better way to track spending as well as monitor your account with real-time transaction alerts.

Enroll today for this FREE service offered through the My Mobile Money app. Visit the Apple or Google Play Store to download and install the My Mobile Money app and enroll your People’s Bank of Seneca debit card today. If you have any issues during the enrollment process, please contact one of our Customer Service Representatives for assistance.